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200 episodes of ‘Sesame Street’ were removed by HBO Max

HBO Max is removing nearly 200 episodes of Sesame Street from its streaming platform. But the reason for the cleanup is not clear.

Warner Bros. Discovery recently acquired HBO Max. On Friday, the streaming service listed 456 “Sesame Street” episodes available, compared to the approximately 650 that were previously available. HBO Max does not have access to all episodes of the show at the same time.

HBO Max only shows episodes from Seasons 1, 5 and 7, as well as episodes from the most recent seasons 39-52.

An HBO Max spokesperson shared a statement with Fox News Digital on Saturday regarding the cuts to “Sesame Street.”

The statement began, “‘Sesame Street’ has always been an important part of television culture and is the crown jewel of our preschool offering.”

Sesame Street
Venus Williams on Sesame Street in 2004.
WireImage for Sesame Workshop

“We’re committed to bringing ‘Sesame Street’ to families’ homes, with the latest season this fall and nearly 400 episodes of the most current and historic season airing on Cartoonito on HBO Max.”

The upcoming 53rd season will be available on the streaming service, the outlet reported.

HBO and “Sesame Street” joined in 2015, which made the streaming service a priority to air all new episodes first, before it could be viewed on the show’s longtime home, PBS. This Agreement is in effect until

The “Sesame Street” cut comes after an announcement by HBO on Wednesday that at least 36 additional shows will leave the stage this week.

That includes 20 HBO original shows, as well as “Generations,” “Infinity Train,” and earlier this month, all eight of the “Harry Potter” movies were scrapped.

Warner Bros. Discovery shared that the removal of the show comes with a new pending contract with Discovery+.

Sesame Street
It’s still unclear why HBO Max is removing the episodes.
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“As we work towards bringing our content catalog under one platform, we will be transitioning the content offerings available on both HBO Max and Discovery+,” the company said in a statement. “This would include the removal of certain content from both platforms.”

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