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Dead Island 2 will let you talk to your zombies using Amazon Alexa

When Dead Island 2 launches, you’ll be able to reel voice commands to distract the zombie hordes from the power of Alexa game controls.

You’ll actually be able to do much more than that, and you don’t even need an Amazon Echo device. Just get yourself a copy of Dead Island 2, stick it on a headset with integrated mic, and you’re set. There’s also no need for the wake word, which is great news because prefacing everything with “Alexa” will get real annoying, real fast.

Amazon announced (opens in new tab) Its upcoming Game Control feature during the opening night of Gamescom 2022. It will let PC and console gamers use voice commands to trigger in-game actions. In the case of Dead Island 2, finding the above workspace would include things like “where is the nearest workspace”; “Swap my best weapon” which is equally self-explanatory; And “Hey zombie” to entice the faltering crowd.

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