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Going to put the phone in the fridge overheated? There are better ways to cool

Our dependence on mobile phones has increased a lot in recent times. Due to this heavy use, the equipment heats up unprecedentedly at times. Although it already includes mechanisms to protect it from this proper heat, it may sometimes require manual action to cool it.

When our smartphone is hot, the first thought that comes to our mind is to keep it in the fridge. But this hack might not make the phone usable again.

In a damp enclosure of a refrigerator, rapid cooling can cause condensation and thus short circuit the device.

In addition, a sudden shift from a warm environment to a cold one can result in harmful temperature shock.

so what to do? A Washington Post report outlines a few ways to mitigate the problem.

protect it from the sun

The report says that our mobile phones absorb the sun’s heat radiation easily, so it is better not to keep the phone in direct sunlight for a long time. In addition to the heat generated due to its operation, scorching heat waves are external sources of increase in the temperature of the device.

Also, the mobile phone has to brighten its screen for proper visualization in the outdoor environment. It uses more processing power, produces more heat.

put the phone aside

The more you use your phone, the hotter it gets. If it is already radiating heat it is better to keep it aside.

The report claims that mobile videography tends to overload the device as it uses multiple components at once. Similarly, Bluetooth and Mobile Hotspot are some of the features that make mobile phones overheat.

If it is too hot, it is better to turn off all its functions and turn it off for a while.

remove cover

The body casing used to protect against accidental damage to the smartphone can prevent heat loss. Smartphone heating is normal, and has its own mechanism to reduce heat, but often due to the poor thermal conductivity of the casing, the casing of the mobile phone needs to be removed.

switch to low power mode

The report advises mobile users to switch to low-power mode, which limits some functionality of the phone so that it generates less heat.

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