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How to Enable LED Notification on Any Android Mobile Phone, iPhone

LED notification on Phones Is Gone One less knowledgeable accessibility feature For One perfect but nothing created This popular with phone (1). The handset uses the Glyph interface to illuminate the LED lights at the back for notifications, calls, etc. While not as unique as the Nothing Phone (1), your current phone can do the same. Most Android mobile phones and iPhones come with LED notification support for call and message alerts. If Nothing at all phone (1) Likes to give you LED notification feature your Android. Feather phone either iPhone One Try, Here’s How You Can Enable It.

How to Enable Notification LED Light on Any Phone

As mentioned above, LED notifications are an accessibility feature on Android and iOS smartphones. It is designed to help users with hearing disabilities use their phones without missing out on important notifications by receiving visual cues for alerts. Here’s how they work.

on android phone

Due to variations in the overall interface design of Android phones, the exact location of the LED notification feature may differ across different Android interfaces. However, almost every Android phone has the feature in either the ‘Hearing enhancements’ (or similar phrase) section within the phone’s accessibility settings. Taking a Samsung smartphone as an example, here’s how you can enable it:

  • Open Settings, and scroll down to Accessibility
  • Under Accessibility, select ‘Advanced Settings’
  • Under ‘Advanced Settings’, scroll down to select ‘Flash Notification’
  • Switch on the ‘Camera Flash Notification’ toggle to enable the rear LED flash for notifications
  • You can also choose to enable screen flash for incoming notifications, by turning on ‘Screen flash notification’ under the same menu

It’s important to note that most Android smartphones today still allow a notification light around the edges of the phone’s display. To enable it, most Android users will need to access their notification settings. On Samsung phones, use the following steps:

  • Open Settings, and select Notifications
  • Under Notifications, select ‘Brief pop-up settings’
  • Under this select ‘Edge Lighting Style’
  • Select the type of LED light you want to see on your screen, and tap ‘Done’

on iphone

Unlike Android, iPhones have a consistent way to enable their rear LED lighting feature. Here’s how it’s done:

  • Open Settings, and scroll down to select Accessibility
  • Under Accessibility, scroll down to select ‘Audio/Visual’
  • Under that scroll down and toggle on for ‘LED flash for alert’.

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