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I Went To Prime Day Gaming And I Just Got These Stupid Shirt Deals

Why do they exist? Who is buying them? Is it like when I was six, I whispered to myself once alone in the woods that I loved turtles and then for the next fifteen years I would get at least ten turtle-themed gifts every holiday? There are too many questions for one person to answer.

The worst of Prime Day is here for gamers reinventing themselves as antisocial misadjusted kids and hawk shirts. Video games are a wonderful hobby: a medium of art that can empower the powerless, give a voice to the voiceless, and create an impossible narrative anywhere else. But sometimes it’s easy to forget briefly that video games aren’t just a business, they’re big business in a capitalist world that thrives on stereotypes and easy-to-digest soundbites.

Being a fan of video games it was once considered. Video games are deeply embedded in the culture in most of the world. Generation X grew up with everything from Space Invader to Mario and that generation is now breaking its 50s. But yes, advertisers, gamers are an endangered species. All of us gamers are giant kids who live in cave-like parents’ basements to drip-feed energy drinks and Doritos. Gamers don’t know how to talk to others, as they never do in video games.

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