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Little League World Series player in critical condition after falling from cot

His team said Easton Oliverson of Little League’s Snow Canyon in Utah suffered a fractured skull from a fall. He is being treated at Geisinger Janet Weiss Children’s Hospital in Danville, Pennsylvania, according to a hospital spokeswoman.

According to a statement from Little League International, the injury occurred on Monday morning. A team source was quoted in the St George’s News report as saying that Oliverson had fallen from his bed while sleeping in the middle of the night.
Oliverson was taken to a local children’s hospital, where he underwent surgery to stop the bleeding and stabilize him, according to an Instagram account set up to provide updates on his condition. He was then put into a medically induced coma, his team said.

Oliverson’s father, Jess, who is an assistant coach on his son’s team, said in a statement: “He had a lot of blood in his brain and there was a lot of pressure. He had what’s called an epidural hematoma. He had broken his skull. And meanwhile an artery outside the brain was pierced, causing bleeding.”

Oliverson’s doctors began weaning him off painkillers and withdrawing his oxygen with positive results, the Instagram account reported on Tuesday afternoon, with a neurosurgeon telling the family that the boy’s CT scan was “very good.” was appearing.”

The account also said that Oliverson was physically able to respond when a friend of his spoke to him on the phone.

“She told Easton to put her thumb up – and she did! Her friend then told her to put her other thumb up – and so did she! We’re so grateful for these little miracles,” Post said .

“As of the afternoon of Tuesday, August 16, Little League officials spoke with Easton’s family and are pleased to hear that their medical team is excited by their progress,” Little League International said in a statement. “At the request of his family, Little League International Snow Canyon encourages Little League players and their families to join us in keeping them in our thoughts and prayers, as we wish them a full and complete recovery.

The organization said it will use all available resources to “support the player, his family, and his coaches and teammates, as we navigate this unfortunate situation.”

Oliverson’s Snow Canyon Little League team is set to play its first game of the Little League World Series on Friday afternoon. Snow Canyon is the first team from Utah to make it to the series in the tournament’s 75-year history.

CNN’s Jennifer Henderson contributed to this report.

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