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Madhya Pradesh: ‘Drunken’ students snatch police phone, beat up driver of police vehicle after argument; 10 booked, 4 in custody. Bhopal News

Gwalior: Some “drunken” students of a government medical college here allegedly snatched the mobile phone of a police officer and thrashed the driver of a police vehicle. the hours of Wednesday, police said.
Following the incident, four students were detained before being released after a medical examination, and a First Information Report (First Information Report) (FIRAn official said that a case has been registered against him along with six others in this connection.
“The incident took place when the city’s superintendent of police (CSP) Rishikesh Meena noticed the youths in an inebriated condition, while they were on patrol, near Gajra Raja Medical College around 2 am, and asked them why they were in the early hours,” Additional Superintendent of Police (ASP) see the deer Told.
“When stopped, the students argued, surrounded the CSP and snatched his mobile phone. After this, these students returned to the Ravi Shankar hostel located inside the college,” he said.
Later, when the CSP along with his driver reached the hostel, they thrashed the latter, threw his mobile as well as the keys of the official police vehicle in a drain. He said that he also blew a tire of the vehicle.
“After the incident, the CSP informed the police control room and a team of its personnel reached the hostel. There the police spoke to the dean and other college officials and it was decided that the accused students would hand over the mobile. Gave the keys, but they didn’t come till morning.”
Later the police took four students into custody. Deka said these students were released after medical examination.
A case was registered against him and six other students. He said that police vehicle keys and mobile phone have also been recovered from the college premises and the police is taking appropriate legal action in the matter.
college dean Dr Akshay Nigam Said that the organization is cooperating with the police.

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