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Mo Farah says she was trafficked as a child, given a wrong name: BBC

The revelation comes in a new documentary by the British broadcaster to air on Wednesday. In this, Farah also says that her real name is Hussein Abdi Kahin and she was born in Somaliland.

“Despite what I said earlier, my parents have never lived in the UK,” Farah told the BBC.

He says his family was “shattered” when he was just four years old after his father was killed in the civil war. Somaliland declared independence in 1991 when it broke away from war-torn Somalia, but was never recognized as a sovereign state.

“I was separated from my mother and brought to the UK illegally in the name of another child named Mohammed Farah,” he said in a clip of the interview.

He said the four-time Olympic gold medalist was either eight or nine years old when he was taken to Britain by a woman he had never met before.

Once he arrived, he said he was “forced to do housework and take care of the children.”

Several years later, he was finally allowed to enroll in the school, where he explained his condition to a PE teacher. The teacher contacted social services and Farah moved in with a Somali foster family.

“I still missed my real family, but everything got better from that moment on,” he tells the BBC.

Farah, who was granted British citizenship in 2000, says running saved her from a life of servitude.

CNN has reached out to representatives for Farah for a comment.

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