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Oppo and OnePlus halt phone sales in Germany after Nokia lawsuit

Chinese smartphone maker Oppo and its sub-brand OnePlus have halted smartphone sales in Germany after losing a patent lawsuit with Nokia.

Nokia has accused the companies of using its patented technology to process 4G and 5G signals without a license, reports the European Patent News site. Juve Patent, and secured an injunction to stop the sale last Friday in a German court. (To clarify: This Nokia is the Finnish telecom giant, a giant player in European telecommunications equipment. The Nokia mobile brand is also owned by a separate company, Finnish, named HMD Global.)

Oppo and OnePlus have followed suit, as evidenced by the changes in their German web stores.

Oppo’s site no longer mentions hardware devices at all, including phones and smartwatches. Compare this with the company’s UK site, which has a link to Oppo’s store and various product information on the homepage. OnePlus has similarly withdrawn its German site (again: Compare UK site), which shows no results for phones or watches in its store. You can find your way to a product description with a little navigation, but clicking the “Buy Now” button takes you straight to a 404 error page.

The OnePlus website in Germany makes it impossible to buy a smartphone from the company.
Image: The Verge

In a press statement given to ledgeOnePlus communications director Spencer Blank confirmed that the company had halted sales in Germany and blamed “Nokia’s unreasonably high fee demands” for the patent as the reason for the lawsuit.

“We are actively working with relevant parties to resolve the current legal matter,” Blank said. “While sales and marketing of relevant products have been halted, OnePlus remains committed to the German market and will continue our operations. Meanwhile, OnePlus users in Germany can continue to enjoy our products and related services such as regular software updates and our after-sales service.

in a statement made to Juve PatentAn Oppo spokesperson also confirmed that the company is “suspending the sale and marketing of certain products through OPPO Germany’s official channels,” and that Nokia’s “unreasonably high contract renewal fee” for its patents will be charged. Convicted. casus belli,

As for what both of these statements imply: Oppo and OnePlus handsets will continue to operate just fine in Germany, and sales may still be available through third-party resellers.

Although Oppo and OnePlus are well-known names for technology followers, the companies are minor players in the European smartphone market. according to the data of Counterpoint ResearchIn the second quarter of 2022 (after Samsung, Apple and Xiaomi), Oppo accounted for just five percent of the total European market, and OnePlus even less.

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