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Prime Day Nintendo Switch sale live – with deals on console bundles and games


if you Huh After a bundle deal, then this is a great deal: the OLED Switch in Neon Blue/Neon Red plus the excellent Metroid Dread game for £308.95.

The Switch OLED usually goes for around £280 (when it’s in stock), and the Sport is £39.95, so that’s a small savings.

metroid dread deal

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I’ve sent my Minion (well, staff writer) Hamish to find some Switch deals for me, and he’s looking for this cool offer from Very – The Nintendo Switch OLED for £284. (opens in new tab) – £25 savings.

We don’t often get deals for standalone OLED models, so it’s a great offer if you just want a console, and it’s also a good price cut.

Good boy, Hamish. You have to take lunch break today.

Switch OLED in Benutzung

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Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

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While the Joy-Con Nintendo Switch ties to great controllers and very versatile, the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is an essential purchase if you’re more comfortable with a traditional gamepad. However, at £70, this is quite a steep outlay. Thankfully, as part of Prime Day, Amazon has slashed the official gamepad to £49.99. We’ve only seen it a little cheaper in the past, so it’s worth a look.

Oh, and that microSD card I just posted with Nintendo branding? I bought one a few months ago for my Steam deck. Valve’s handheld console is like the Nintendo Switch, but runs PC games — and has a microSD card slot that’s handy for expanding its storage.

photo of steam deck handheld console

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Sadly, Steam Deck is very unlikely to go on sale today, as Steam Deck has only been released recently, and it’s hugely popular – Valve is struggling to keep up with demand.

You also can’t buy the Steam deck on Amazon — it’s only available from Valve’s Steam store (opens in new tab),

It’s Matt Hanson, computing and entertainment’s managing editor, by the way, keeping this live blog running while Julian is probably asleep, all tucked up and comfortable (yes, I’m jealous).

I’m based in the UK but have been eyeing US deals as well, but nothing is popping out at the moment. That’s bound to change over the next few hours, though as Americans wake up, and Amazon usher in Prime Day, so keep this page open!

SanDisk 128GB microSD Card for Nintendo Switch

(image credit: SanDisk)

One of the drawbacks of the Nintendo Switch is its limited internal storage. The original Switch only has 32GB of disk space, and the upgraded Nintendo Switch OLED only doubles to 64GB. You’ll often find yourself clearing games to make room for new titles.

With that in mind, one of the first things you should buy for your Switch is a microSD card to expand the console’s storage. The 128GB is an excellent deal on a SanDisk SD card (it also has Nintendo branding). You can pick it up for £15.99, down from the regular £40.99.

cheap nintendo switch games deals on sale

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Nintendo games famously price themselves, with the company rarely offering significant discounts on its first-party titles, which is what makes this deal on Luigi’s Mansion 3 so tempting. The game has been a bit cheap in the past, but at just under £40, down from your usual £49.99, it’s a great price to get a great game.

That Amazon offer is only available in the UK, but check out the offers below for deals in your part of the world:


(image credit: Game Freak)

If you already own a Switch (or you just picked yourself up a Nintendo Switch bundle) you’ll want to fill out that console’s game library. A great start is the new Pokémon Legends Arceus, which is off £30% right now, taking it from £49.99 to £35.10, the cheapest the game has been on Amazon.

Not in UK? How much is this game selling for in other regions:

Nintendo Switch OLED

(Image credit: Nintendo)

The best deal we’ve seen so far is UK only, but it’s a Nintendo Switch OLED bundled with Just Dance 2022. While I’m a big fan of Just Dance and would say this is a great game to pick up with a console, the real highlight of this deal is the lowest priced Switch OLED bundle we’ve seen at £294.99, down from £359.99 Is.

Amazon has other bundles available, but this is the cheapest of them.

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