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Samsung unveils stringent tests of its foldable phone

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 and Galaxy Z Flip4 made their market debut today

, but even though they are the fourth generation foldable phones by the company, a lot of people are still concerned about their durability. To make it easier for those away from Samsung, they shared a video that shows some of the tests they went through before they were deemed fit for release.

The short 100-second clip reveals all the rigorous tests the foldables go through, including pressing, turning and opening multiple buttons, and testing their water resistance. Watch cool video:

Reliability is important to Samsung, as the company revealed in a press release, and it conducts all tests to ensure that the phones can “withstand everyday wear and tear” and meet the needs of users. Huh. All the processes are automated, which is hardly a surprise, but the engineering that went into developing these rigs is a marvel to behold.

The back panel of the phone is fastened by one set of machines and then pressed firmly by another. Then the device is on functional testing to make sure that the screen works with the S Pen, Samsung Pay service is fine, the touch and proximity sensors, as well as the wireless coil also need to go through the process.

Samsung unveils stringent tests of its foldable phone

We also get to see the water resistance test which consists of multiple valves, spraying water on the foldable from all angles. In all these both have come a long way from the first Galaxy Fold which often developed problems with the screen after a week of usage.

Our Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 review has been out for a few days, and you can also read the Galaxy Z Fold 4 review that is hot from the press.

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