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Skull Sessions: Life in 11W Slack, Cad Stover Makes His Mom Proud, and Ohio State’s Tailgate Scene Needs Respect

When the Big Ten announced its record-breaking media rights deals with Fox, CBS and NBC on Thursday morning, my co-workers and eleven warriors Senior editor Johnny Ginter sent three separate messages to the company Slack.

9:59 am: Seven

9:59 am: Arab

9:59 am: Dollar

At 10:22 a.m., Dan Hope, deputy editor and lead football writer, sent an update that the Sports Business Journal reached an $8.05 billion settlement over seven years. Johnny replied again with three messages.

10:29 am: eight

10:29 am: Arab

10:29 am: Dollar

That was my reaction to Thursday’s news. Fox, CBS and NBC backed the Brinks truck for the deal, and the Big Ten got it have paid,

With the approval of the conference’s member schools, Commissioner Kevin Warren transforms the futuristic viewing experience for fans of Big Ten teams – what they will watch, how they will watch and where they will watch. We’ll find out in 2023 whether those changes really make it better for fans to watch Big Ten football, but we already know the convention will reap the financial rewards.

Anyway, let’s get to the good stuff and have a good Friday, shall we?

Wait – one more thing. OK, I lied. sorry I’m not sorry. This CBS video is great, and I need to make sure everyone sees it. If you’ve already seen the clip, watch it again and complete it.

It’s beautiful. Get ready to listen to that music next time.

O captain! my captain! The six Ohio State captains are CJ Stroud, Kam Babb, Tyler Friday, Tommy Eichenberg, Court Williams and Cade Stover. The mentioned last name has undergone many changes during his Buck career, including several position switches between linebacker and tight end.

Even though Stover played for Ohio State, he’s always been a leader, and it’s clear how the team’s coaches talk about him and his influence in the locker room. Take, for example, this video, where tight end coach and offensive coordinator Kevin Wilson calls Stover’s mother to break the news that he had been named captain.

“This is going to be a special, special year,” Wilson said in the video. “He’s not only doing drama, but he’s doing a lot of drama behind the scenes. The way he acts and the engagement with our players – he’s just a special person and a special talent.”

Asked what it meant for him to be captain of the team, Stover said he feels blessed and honored to be held in such high esteem by his teammates, whom he considers brothers on and off the field. Huh.

“It means a lot,” Stover said on Monday. “I really have no words. I love this team. I love the people around me.”

Cheers to stover for what appears to be a tremendous off-season. May Ohio State really use the tight end more than ever this season, and Stover could reap the benefits of his hard work in 2022.

help me here I don’t usually give a thought to a Twitter user named Big Game Boomer. However, they released a list on Thursday which caught my attention.

Boomer ranks everything related to college football as the best dining spots on college campuses by coaches, players, or even college campuses, among other things. This time, he scored five tiers for the best tailgating schools in college football, and Bucky fell to the third tier. They were also the third best Big Ten school in the tailgate department behind Michigan and Penn State.

Now, I’ve been to Ohio State for fewer tailgates than I could count on one hand. Still, I felt a deep disrespect that the school from which I graduated was not hailed as one of the best gameday environments in college football.

Is it wrong for me to feel that way? Please let me know if Boomer’s placement of Ohio State’s tailgate scene is appropriate in the comments.

Olympic Village. Ohio State women’s ice hockey won the program’s first national title in 2021–22 with wins over rival Minnesota-Duluth in the NCAA Tournament, Quinnipiac, Yale and Western Collegiate Hockey Association.

When head coach Nadine Mujerol unfurled the trophy, it fulfilled a prophecy she had given to the university’s athletic department before the season—that she had a championship-caliber team capable of winning it all.

“At the beginning of the year, Muzz stood in front of all the athletics and said, ‘We’re going to win a national championship this year,'” Ohio State forward Claire D’George said after winning the title. “We look back on that now and realize that we’ve really made it come true. It’s huge.”

Muzzerall’s undeniable faith, coaching, and instruction, combined with the Buckeyes’ collective brilliance on each line, pushed Ohio State to the top of the mountain last season. Now, the team’s historic championship win will live on forever in the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto.

I think those items would look perfect next to a Stanley Cup. A small Ohio State memorabilia would be really nice to have next to that big silver trophy.

Today’s song “Feel Right” by Danny Dead.

cut to the chase. Buffalo Wild Wings adds chicken-wing top pizza to menu… Streaming services overtake cable networks for the first time… Kid Cudi and Kanye West feud again… Japan encourages youth to drink more Doing… A Michigan woman wins the lottery with a randomly received ticket.

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