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T-Mobile quietly launched a new ultra-affordable phone from a little-known brand

The newest Wiko Voix is ​​here, and if you don’t know what that is, don’t worry, you’re probably not alone. Founded in 2011 in Marseille, France, the Wiko brand (Sneaky) first tried to break into the uber-competitive US smartphone market in 2019. The incredibly cheap Boost Mobile-exclusive model called the Ride.

Wholly owned by Chinese original design manufacturer (ODM) Tinno Mobile, the European outfit had modest success with a portfolio of ultra-low-cost Android devices on the Old Continent, while predictably failing to gain any footing.
Still, Boost Mobile took on its most cash-strapped prepaid customers. Two additional “rides” over the past three years, and now Vico is essentially trying to take its US presence to the next level with the aforementioned Voix. Clearly pronounced like “voice”, this certainly humble Android 12 handset is exclusively gone. to catch up on T-Mobile and Metro by T-Mobile has been on the rise over the past few days with little or no fanfare.
Priced at $126 for “un-carrier” postpaid customers and $119.99 as far as Metro customers are concerned, this thing is naturally fully compatible T-Mobile’s “nationwide” network… minus 5G support. That’s right, Magenta is still releasing 4G LTE-only smartphones in 2022 for some reason.

The rest of the 6.5-inch spec sheet isn’t great either (to say the least), which includes such outdated or simply disappointing features as the 3GB RAM count, paired with 32 gigs of internal storage space, A very modest-looking camera system made up of dual rear-facing 13 and 2MP sensors, a 5MP selfie shooter, and a massive HD+ (1600 x 720 pixels) resolution for that fairly large screen.

Its key redeeming feature is the 3,400mAh battery under the distinctive looking hood of the Vico Voix, which promises endurance of up to 29 hours of uninterrupted talk time between charges, aided by a low-res display and an undoubtedly thrifty quad-core processor.

If you’re feeling anxious about buying a new phone manufactured by a Chinese company on grounds of data privacy, you might also be happy to know that Wiko Voix technically comes from Tinno USA, which is a member of the aforementioned ODM. North America-focused subsidiary. Again, T-Mobile currently sells many devices from more well-known and well-known brands like Motorola, Samsung, and even TCL for less than Rs 200 a pop, making Voix a recommendation to buy instead. becomes quite difficult. Maybe when it drops to $0 with what is essentially a new line of service.

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