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The Cardinals Likely Have a Throw of 100.5 mph at Messin Winn

The MLB Pipeline gave Messin Winn’s hand an 80 grade, which literally tops the off-season, because Winn—a former two-way player in the St. Louis system—can throw some of the best darts in Minor League Baseball.

The 20-year-old shortstop collected a bouncing ball from Astros prospect Yener Diaz in the second innings and hit a 100.5 mph throw for an easy out. For context, the toughest Major League infield throw in the Statcast era came at 97.8 mph, and it was set this week by Pirates shortstop Vanil Cruz. Winn topped out at 99.8 mph on the strength of her arm last season on Single-A Palm Beach (where Statcast data is also available), so it was the first time she could crack triple-digits in publicly available data. does.

Winn’s improving bat at High-A and Double-A helped him break into a Top 100 prospect for the first time in 2022, and his defense on sixes has always been special. But it is the hand that is likely to gasp the biggest in the Major, as he did on Saturday.

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