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The Florida state defense reigns on the day in the first official exercise of the 2022 football preseason.

It’s back, baby!

we made it!

After what felt like decades off-season, the Florida state football team was back on the practice field Wednesday afternoon for the first practice of the 2022 preseason.

And I’m here to present some observations from the two-hour session. Although I have to exclude the qualifiers I always introduce early in practice: they are not in the pads. Helmet only. And, of course, there is no match. Or even tremble at this point.

As FSU head coach Mike Norwell later put it: “We’re basically in pajamas.”

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So, day one is not the best gauge of what a team or a specific player can be. But it is a measure.

And with that in mind, here we go.

Defense easily won the day. It’s not necessarily a surprise. The unit returns the vast majority of contributors from a season ago, including eight starters. it showed.

Not only did the FSU offense essentially do nothing in the 11-on-11 portion of practice (more on that in a moment), but the receivers also had trouble winning face-to-face.

I thought Omarion Cooper (big surprise, right?) was the most impressive cornerback of the day. Man just competes. And even when he overtakes the line of the melee, he is always able to return to the game and find it difficult to catch or hold a pass.

I thought two highly respected new people, Azareye’h Thomas And Sam McCall, The first days of both were great as well. McCall had two PBUs in one practice after another and another in 11-on-11, where he came on the blitz and then batted down a pass to the running back.

Thomas also had a few PBUs in a face-to-face and then a great read on the last play 11-on-11, where he was able to sniff a screen pass, beat his blocker, and make a play to no avail. It’s like he just sees the field – and understands concepts – at a high level for someone so young.

Second Kevin Knowles Had an impressive day too, recording the interception alone when he stepped in front of a deep throw AJ Duffy To maika pitman One exercise after another. It looked like Pittman had made a move on Knowles, but the ball went down a bit and Knowles played very well on it.

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