A new-era of racing awaits in EA SPORTS F1 22

The F1 grid has been turned upside down for the first time in years. Mercedes used to be the most powerful team, but now Red Bull and Ferrari are taking the top spots.

 But in the virtual world, the winners are still the kings of racing, with Codemasters' EA SPORTS F1 22 rocking up to the podium.

Yes, it's EA SPORTS F1 22, because, well, EA is now in charge of Codies. Even so, our favourite racing development team isn't holding back.

 With F1 22, they put the player right in the middle of the latest F1 season.

F1 22 is now available to buy and download on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5, and PC, with full next/new-gen optimization on the most powerful consoles. 

It does pretty much what you would expect, putting you on the F1 grid and asking you to show off your driving skills that you've worked on over the years.

The 2021 season of F2 is also in place, which is confusing. This year, supercars that can be driven, like the Safety Cars from Mercedes-AMG and Aston Martin, are new to the series. 

You know the ones; they show up on the racetrack every time Nicholas Latifi hits the wall.

There is a full career mode, and you can also use the Grand Prix mode to take part in one-off races or the season of your choice.

Time trialling is also front and centre, allowing the competitive worlds of F1 to clash as racers go after milliseconds. 

The addition of Pirelli Hot Laps gives you a reason to get behind the wheel of one of eight supercars and test yourself in a variety of challenges.


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