Amazon alexa will speak dead voices

Amazon's next Alexa update will let loved ones' voices live on.

Rohit Prasad senior vice president said creating a system can replicate any voice after hearing less than a minute of audio.

Mr. Prasad gave the example of a grandma reading to a child. Bedtime Oz

Mr. Prasad had to design ways to record a high-quality voice in less than a minute, instead of hours,” he said.

Our aspirations and science fictions are becoming reality in the golden age of AI.

We live in the golden age of AI, where aspirations and science fictions become reality.

Mr. Prasad said the project's purpose is to make epidemic memories persist.

Microsoft agreed to limit its voice-mimicking technology.

Microsoft will restrict access to AI technologies that predict emotions, gender, and age from photos and face recognition and generative audio models on Azure.

Due to the lack of AI laws, the corporation imposed self-imposed constraints.


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