Amazon unveils CodeWhisperer a code-writing AI like GitHub’s Copilot

CodeWhispere Amazon, uses contextual clues to push recommendations and can help developers save time and effort.

CodeWhisperer continuously analyses the code and any accompanying comments before presenting "syntactically correct recommendations,"

By enabling developers to generate code to create and train their own machine learning models

According to GitHub, an increasing amount of code is being written by AI.

The business disclosed in October of last year that Copilot was contributing up to 30% of the platform's code

The Microsoft-owned company claimed last week that its AI assistant contributes to nearly 40% of the code written.

The software uses "multiple contextual clues," according to AWS VP and chief evangelist Jeff Barr, to push its recommendations, including the location of the cursor

The code that comes before the cursor, and code in other files belonging to the same project.

AWS IDE Toolkit includes a preview of the programme, which is compatible with Python, Java, and JavaScript

Code Whisperer is compatible with a variety of IDEs, according to Amazon, including VS Code, Intelli J IDEA, PyCharm, Web Storm, and Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud9.


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