YouTube is cracking down on tricks that spammers use to impersonate creators

Recently, YouTube has had a difficult time with spammers. Earlier this year, a number of prominent producers,

Such as MKBHD and Jacksepticeye, released movies spotlighting the seemingly endless swarms of scammers that reply to other commentators with false freebies and other cons. 

YouTube has responded to these accusations and now announced a number of additional measures to stem the tide.

There are three new policies in effect. First, channels will no longer be able to disguise their subscriber count, a tactic frequently employed by spammers to help them blend in.

This is due to the fact that monitoring a channel's subscriber count is an easy way to verify their identity (aka Big Name Content Creator X).

Second, YouTube restricts the type and number of special characters permitted in channel names.

This is another popular strategy employed by spammers, sometimes in conjunction with concealed subscriber counts. 

Essentially, spammers attempt to make their channels appear real by incorporating unusual characters into common names.

For instance, naming your channel "YouTube" to imitate the official YouTube account. 

Reducing the frequency of special characters limits the number of opportunities for their use.

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