Bray Wyatt registers a new name

Windham Rotunda, aka Bray Wyatt, just trademarked "Wyatt 6" for merchandise

Michael E. Dockins handles trademark concerns for several pro wrestlers, including many AEW wrestlers

The wrestler may not join Tony Khan's company.

The moniker "Wyatt 6" may be the name he plans to use for the wrestler in the future

Bray Wyatt" is a WWE brand, therefore he can't utilise it for future endeavours inside and outside the company, which may be why he chose this moniker.

Bray Wyatt wrote on Twitter earlier this month about how his name remains popular despite his departure from professional wrestling.

The wrestler altered his profile photo and stated, "All the beautiful things that have happened to me were preceded by horrific agony.

I'll remind everyone of my return because they know my name


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