Bridget Identifies as a Woman in Guilty Gear Strive Developer

Game director Akira Katano and developer Daisuke Ishiwatari addressed the Bridget controversy on "Developer's Backyard" on Wednesday.

Ishiwatari said they received many questions about Bridget's gender identity after her introduction in the "Season 2" DLC last month.

Bridget identifies as a woman in Arcade Mode. Ishiwatari said'she' is the correct pronoun for Bridget

In Bridget's story, he explained her self-discovery.

Bridget was raised as a girl by her parents to protect her from a village superstition.

Bridget's parents tried to protect her but felt they were forcing her to live a certain way.

Bridget realised this and tried to bring wealth to the village while acting like a man to clear her parents' names.

Bridget and her parents were no longer bound by superstition.Bridget tries living as a man, but it's wrong.

After talking to Goldlewis and Ky, Bridget confronts parts of herself she's avoided and makes a big decision.

I hope you'll watch her after she decided to follow her own feelings.

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