Canceled Scarface 2 Game Footage Leaks

Remember when we got a Scarface game in 2006, set after the end of the legendary '80s gangster film?

It was an unusual structure, but the ultimate product was a bit clumsy, but enjoyable GTA-style open-world game. 

It apparently went well enough that work on a sequel began, but it was never completed. However, 

fresh footage from the scrapped Scarface sequel has surfaced online, providing us with an in-depth look at the sequel that never was.

The newly leaked footage of this never-published sequel, Scarface Empire, comes from the YouTube account Mafia Game Videos.

The video displays an early build of the game, which features the new Las Vegas environment, enhanced graphics, improved combat, and a lot of profanity.

Mafia Game Videos' footage shows combat, driving, and a new mechanism called "revive" This might have acted as a QTE,

allowing the player recover if they succeeded or perish if they failed. The video also shows off claimed sequel concept art.


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