Corsair's latest gaming chair is as stylish as it is comfortable.

I firmly believe that the term "gaming chair" carries with it a negative connotation. 

It conjures up visions of a black leather bucket seat with plastic armrests that doesn't exactly scream "most comfortable thing on earth."

What if I told you that things may change? That the modest gaming chair may be used for more than just perspiring adolescents in their beds.

That they could possess a sense of elegance and decorum. Still don't believe me? Let me introduce my first witness: the brand-new TC200 from Corsair.

The TC200 may have a racing-style seat similar to other gaming chairs, but unlike Corsair's superb T3 Rush, it does not feel like a gaming chair.

Corsair's candidate looks more like an expensive sofa than an office chair thanks to its fabric finish and silver and white colouring. 

The TC200 in silver and white looks quite modern. Corsair's latest gamer seat is available in black and a leatherette finish, but going against the grain works in its favour.

This Corsair chair looks and feels wonderful. I had a five-year-old GTOmega racing chair with a saggy leatherette cushion and a hard finish.

First time on the TC200 felt like a cloud. It's quite comfortable and supportive. Its fabric quality is textured and supportive, making it a fantastic choice for extended working days.

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