‘Escape From Tarkov’ floods Customs with every boss ahead of wipe

Battlestate Games has teased a date for the next 'Escape From Tarkov' wipe alongside another chaotic pre-wipe event.

The latest pre-wipe event in Escape From Tarkov has seen every boss in the game visit the Customs map, and it teases

the same wipe date that developer Battlestate Games hinted at yesterday (June 21).

Battlestate Games posted a photo of the front page of a Russian newspaper on Twitter today (June 22).

The newspaper has a photo of every Escape From Tarkov boss standing together, and the story says they are all meeting on Customs, as reliable translator BakeeZy has confirmed.

The pre-wipe event is now live, and Escape From Tarkov players are already reporting fights with each of the shooter's Customs bosses.

Surprisingly, today's event appears to include another hint as to when the next Escape From Tarkov will take place. 

The number 30 appears beneath the headline: this could mean that the next wipe will take place next Thursday (June 30), a date that Battlestate Games has already teased.


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