Escape From Tarkov will go down for a “technical update” tomorrow morning

Tomorrow's release of a new Escape From Tarkov update has been announced by Battlestate Games.

Could this indicate that the developer is trying to hide the surprise given that it is Thursday? It's unlikely to occur given that the pre-wipe event is only three days old.

There are historical records of this occurring as well. It often takes a week for the pre-wipe activities to end and the game to wipe.

The installation of the update will be finished tomorrow, June 23, at 08:00 BST/00:00 PDT, as stated by Escape From Tarkov's official Twitter page.

It will take about two hours to perform the server maintenance. Players won't be able to access the game during this time. Below is a link to the update's official announcement.

We can now make a bothersome assumption, of course. To enthuse the players, we can make wishful mention of a wipe.

Many of them—thousands of them—haven't even recently played Escape From Tarkov, and their excitement is over the sky. They would like this because of that.


Don't wanna miss technology updates...

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