The Future Of Passwords Looks Completely Different

Passwords aren't used as much as they used to be because they aren't the best way to protect against hackers and phishers, and they're also hard to keep track of.

It's never easy to make a secure password.

Most password-protected accounts tell users to make a long string of characters so that their passwords are harder to guess or hack.

Since it's impossible to remember these complicated passwords, most people use a simpler password for all of their online accounts.

Others use password managers, which is safer but takes a little more work to keep all of their complicated passwords safe and organised.

But neither method is 100% safe.

Password managers can be hacked (and some have been) if your device is infected with malware, and it's easy to get into accounts that use the same password. 

Two-factor authentication is another possible solution, but CSO says that even that can be hacked.

Big Tech has decided that instead of coming up with new ways to manage passwords, it's time to get rid of them all together. 

Microsoft, Apple, and Google have all said they want to support the FIDO Alliance and the passwordless sign-in standard from the World Wide Web Consortium more. 


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