Is the Pokemon Go TCG set worth it? Best & rarest cards

The Pokemon Go TCG set is now available, but is it worthwhile to purchase? What are the best and rarest cards that can be drawn? Let's find out!

The arrival of a brand-new Pokemon TCG set is usually an exciting moment for collectors, but occasionally

There are special subset expansions that offer unique cards with a spin on the traditional cards.

Following the 25th-anniversary Celebrations set, the next special subset expansion is the Pokemon Go TCG set,

Which contains 88 cards themed around the famous mobile game and a large number of Kanto-based creatures.

Now that it's been released into the wild, we'll examine the greatest and rarest cards in the Pokemon Go TCG set to help you decide if it's worth your hard-earned cash.

Best cards in the Pokemon Go TCG setThese are some of the best cards you can get in the Pokemon Go TCG set, in our opinion:

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