Is Valorant's Split Getting Updated?

Following the announcement of the new map Pearl, which will be released in Episode 5 Act 1, 

Riot Games also revealed that Split will be removed from the Competitive and Unrated map pool in the upcoming episode.

Joe "Pearl Hogbash" Lansford, a Riot Games developer, explained why Split was removed from the map pool in a blog post.

According to Lansford, the team believes that seven maps is the ideal quantity for the game because it can be challenging for players to learn and master all of them.

Until further notice, Split will be removed from Competitive and Unrated gameplay, but players can still play the map in customised and alternate game modes.

Many players are perplexed as to why Split was chosen to be removed from the map pool. The timing of release, anticipated improvements,

and what the map offers in terms of strategic variety were all considerations in the decision to remove Split.

Split may be added in the future with a few adjustments, implying a rework in the future, according to the Riot Games developer.

On June 22, a new map pool will be introduced with Patch 5.0.When will the new map Pearl be released?

On July 12th, a new map, Pearl, will be introduced to the competitive map pool (Patch 5.01). A temporary six-map pool will be available prior to the release date.


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