At Goodwood, the topless McLaren P1 Spider steals the show

Paul Howse, the original designer of the McLaren P1, was the one person Lanzante needed to work with on the P1 Spider project

"The body now flows from the bonnet edge around the A-pillar into the waistline, kicking up behind the driver and echoing the body side

As a result, air is directed into the engine and then flows back down into the back deck, creating a floating fin.

The carbon buttresses enclose the driver and mirror the coupe's tapered cabin's lovely, clean lines

Something had to be changed wherever the roof touched. That also applies to the front wings, doors, and clamshell engine cover at the back.

The carbon tub that McLaren uses for all of its vehicles thankfully lacks structural roof components

McLaren 765LT Spider's equal stiffness to that of the coupe and the P1 Spider's lack of needless weight.

The bulkhead's new inlets, which now supply air to the blazing turbos have taken the place of the air snorkel

The coupe's 3.8-liter twin-turbo V8 engine, which was aided by the vehicle's hybrid system, produced 903 horsepower and 664 lb-ft of torque

The ability of these cars to take advantage of McLaren's improved performance battery is something we do not yet know

Lanzante shouldn't have any trouble converting the donor cars as long as McLaren makes the upgrade first

Inside new leather and a material Lanzante refers to as "SuperFabric" have been used to reupholster the seats


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