Meta Reveals VR Headset Prototypes Designed to Make VR ‘Indistinguishable From Reality’

The ultimate goal of Meta's VR hardware, according to the company, is to create a comfortable, portable headset with visual realism that is "indistinguishable from reality.

Today, the business unveiled its newest VR headset prototypes, which it claims are steps in the right direction.

It's no secret that Meta is pouring tens of billions of dollars into its XR initiatives, with a large portion of that money going to long-term R&D via its Reality Labs Research division.

The company reportedly invited a group of press to sit down and view its most recent achievements in

VR hardware R&D in an effort to shed some light on what that money is actually accomplishing.

First, Reality Labs Chief Scientist Michael Abrash and Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg discussed how the company's ultimate objective is to create VR hardware

that satisfies all visual standards necessary for it to be recognised as "real" by your visual system.

Although today's VR headsets are impressively immersive, there's no denying that what you're viewing is, well, virtual.


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