Morbius finally finds some success...on Vudu

If at first you don't succeed, you can keep trying, and if you keep trying, you might find an audience.

At least, it looks like that's what happened to Morbius. The terrible movie with Jared Leto as a vampire superhero is finally number one somewhere.

Fandango bought Vudu in 2020, and in a press release from that year, the company says that Morbius made the most money on Vudu during the week of June 13th, 2022.

Notably, that's money coming in, not how much is coming in. Vudu charges for rentals and purchases, and you can rent Morbius for $5.99 or buy it for $19.99 right now.

Morbius was the number one movie at the box office its first weekend, but its second week saw a 74-percent drop in ticket sales.

That's the worst second week for any superhero movie with a big budget. It kept going down in the box office rankings,

And people kept making fun of it and making memes about it online. Sony must have thought that memes equaled ticket sales, so they put it back in theatres, where it bombed again.

Maybe Hollywood will learn from Snakes on a Plane, which may have been the first movie to try to make money off of being a meme and fail horribly at it.

Even if people on the internet talk a lot about a movie, that doesn't always mean they want to see it, especially in a theatre.

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