Nasa makes history with first commercial rocket launch containing ‘mini Hubble’ tech from Australia spaceport

Nasa has made history by successfully launching a rocket from Australia's Northern Territory. This is the first time the agency has done a commercial launch outside of the US.

After a delay caused by rain and wind, a suborbital rocket carrying technology that has been called a "mini Hubble"

Telescope took off at half past midnight on Monday from the Arnhem Space Centre on the Dhupuma plateau.

The launch was the first time the space agency used a commercial spaceport outside the US.

Scientists say it will help them do research that can only be done in the southern hemisphere. Australia's launch on Monday was also the first in almost 27 years.

The rocket will go more than 186 miles into space with an X-ray quantum calorimeter on board to look at the Alpha Centauri A and B constellations.

With the quantum calorimeter, scientists at the University of Michigan will be able to measure interstellar X-rays more accurately and learn more about

how the light from a star affects whether or not a planet can support life.

Nearly 75 NASA employees were at the newly built launch site, and about 100 scientists, politicians, and Indigenous leaders were taken by bus to the site to watch the launch.


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