NASA to reveal deepest image ever taken of Universe

NASA administrator Bill Nelson announced on June 29 the agency will present the "deepest vision of our Universe" on July 12 thanks to the James Webb Space Telescope.

Nelson stated during a news briefing at the Space Telescope Science Institute in Baltimore, the operations hub for the $10 billion

Telescope launched in December and now orbiting the Sun a million miles (1.5 million kilometres) from Earth.

Webb's huge primary mirror and infrared instruments let it to see through dust and gas, making it an engineering marvel.

It will examine solar system objects and exoplanet atmospheres orbiting other stars, providing us clues if their atmospheres are similar to ours,” said Nelson, isolating with COVID.

Webb's infrared capabilities let it see 13.8 billion years back to the Big Bang

Because the Universe is expanding, light from the oldest stars moves from ultraviolet and visible to infrared wavelengths, which Webb can detect with remarkable detail.

With Webb's capabilities, astronomers believe they will easily break the record for earliest cosmic observations.

NASA's top scientist Thomas Zurbuchen said Webb's first exoplanet spectroscopy will be released on July 12.

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