NASA's space telescope just captured a dead star eating a planet

A group of astronomers studied the white dwarf star G238-44 by looking at data from Hubble and other observations from different NASA telescopes.

When the analysis team looked at the white dwarf star's elemental properties, they found signs of a water reservoir.

This made the team think that the star must be sucking up pieces of other objects close by.

For those who don't know, a white dwarf star is a star that used to be like our sun, but now has no more nuclear energy to give off.

Sirius B, which is about 8.6 light years from our sun, is the white dwarf star that is closest to us.

Astronomers think that G238-44 is sucking material from a nearby asteroid belt as well as icy celestial bodies. 

This makes them think that water may be more common in faraway planetary systems than they first thought.


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