Netflix is removing one of its most popular acquired shows

Netflix is keen to advertise its most popular original programmes, such as "Bridgerton" and "Very Strange Cases,

The streaming service's most watched shows aren't typically studio productions

Anatomy of Passion" to "Kokomelon" Netflix has purchased other studios' levies to delight subscribers

Criminal Minds and its BAU members are set to leave streaming, albeit temporarily.

If you always have "Criminal Minds" on while doing chores, you know how massive this is

Thinking like a Criminal" has aired for almost 500 million minutes every week for many years. Despite a lack of particular statistics, Nielsen places the show in the top 10.

Thinking Like a Criminal" was seen less than "Kokomelon" and "Lincoln Lawyer" that week. Not unusual. I'm just saying it's important.

"Think Like a Criminal" will be streaming June 29 for Paramount+ subscribers. Paramount Global operates the streaming service and its former CBS network, so it makes sense for the studio.

The latest three seasons (2018-2020) are only available on Hulu until the arrangement expires.

Even without seasons 13-15, "Think Like a Criminal" belongs on Paramount+, where the resurrection is being made

Although these intentions seemed unlikely in 2021, the cast began signing contracts in 2022, bringing them closer to reality


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