Netflix no longer wants binge-watchers.

Everyone enjoys the 'just one more...'-ness of allowing a Netflix series to flow serenely from one episode to the next

The binge model may be coming to an end. According to a new post by tech insider website Puck

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings is responding to the streamer's financial downturn by rethinking its all-at-once methodology for releasing new programmes.

Hastings has appeared unwilling to shift away from the binge model because he hasn't needed to,' observes Puck

Our days of cramming an entire season of Bridgerton into one sitting may be coming to an end.

As fans of Stranger Things and Ozark will attest, Netflix has already been experimenting with different ways to distribute its shows

The most recent series of the two shows were released in two instalments.

He goal is to prevent subscribers from binge-watching their favourite episodes and then cancelling

Colleague Ted Sarandos has already announced a new subscription tier with commercials for viewers who wish to pay a cheaper monthly charge.

According to the Liverpool Echo, industry analyst Bob Lefsetz believes that Netflix's major adjustment in its streaming approach could backfire

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