New benchmarks show Intel Arc GPU may not be a lost cause after all

The Intel Arc A380 discrete GPU has received mostly negative reviews since its covert release. Although initial benchmarks looked promising,

actual gaming tests showed that the GPU is unable to compete with the entry-level AMD Radeon RX 6400.

However, current information comes straight from the source: The A380 GPU's official specifications and benchmark results were made public by Intel.

Things are beginning to look a little less gloomy for the Intel A380 now that we have some truthful information about the GPU's actual performance.

The Intel Arc Alchemist A380 news is starting to give us whiplash; will it be a good low-cost GPU, or will it crumble under the pressure of competition from similar,

yet tried-and-true, alternatives from Nvidia and AMD? Although the verdict is still out on that one, at least this time we have had access to trustworthy information regarding the GPU.

We now have official word from Intel, complete with the full specifications of the company's first discrete GPU and a long list of benchmarks, following earlier leaks and benchmarks.

Although benchmarks provided directly by the manufacturer may seem dubious to some, Intel appears to have taken reasonable steps to ensure

that the results don't favour the company, making the tests appear to be quite credible. Let's get going.


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