A new-era of racing awaits in EA SPORTS F1 22

F1's grid has been flipped for the first time in years red Bull and Ferrari have replaced Mercedes as top contenders

In the virtual world, Codemasters won with EA SPORTS F1 22.

EA SPORTS F1 22, because EA rules Codies. F1 22 totally immerses the player in the latest F1 season.

F1 22 is available for buy and download on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5, and PC, with complete next/new-gen optimisation on the most powerful consoles

It throws you onto the F1 grid and asks you to show off your driving skills.

Time trialling allows the competitive realms of F1 to clash as racers go in search of milliseconds

 The introduction of Pirelli Hot Laps provides you a cause to go behind the wheel of one of eight supercars and test yourself via a range of tasks.

With a ripe multiplayer universe (if you're fast enough), F1 22 only has F1 Life to consider

Our review of F1 22 for Xbox Series X|S covers everything the game offers, including F1 Life

Download EA SPORTS F1 22. Before July 1st, the Champions Edition is your best/only option

Priced at £79.99 and using Smart Delivery from the Xbox Store, this includes three days early access over the standard July 1st street date, 2 drivable Safety Cars, 18000 Pitcoin (in-game cash)


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