New PSVR2 images leaked and quickly deleted by Ultrawings developer

The first image of a PSVR2 being used by a developer has been posted online, along with a hint that Ultrawings will be available on the headset.

The PlayStation VR2 is the only thing Sony has recently discussed in detail, although we still know very little about it.

To be fair, VR is difficult to demonstrate unless you're really using it, and Sony tried their best at the beginning of the month with the State of Play.

We can be quite certain that a new Ultrawings flying simulator will be one of the few titles announced,

As developer Bit Planet Games has shown off that they already have one — before realising they probably weren't supposed to and erasing the image.

The internet had already saved a copy, but it doesn't tell us much beyond the fact that it looks pretty much the same as the pictures Sony had been showing before.

Bit Planet Games didn't seem too upset about their mistake, as they followed up the leak with a tweet that said, "Guess what's coming to PSVR2?"

This suggests that Sony isn't too upset about the leak. Which can really only be about Ultrawings.

The headset isn't being used in the photo, but if Bit Planet Games has one, it's likely that a lot of other developers do as well.

Even though the wires are still tied up and don't seem to have been used, it seems like they just got it.

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