New Sims 4 High School Expansion Pack Starts Class July 28

The Sims 4 Werewolves game pack came out last week. On Thursday, Electronic Arts and Maxis announced High School Years, the next expansion pack for the series.

When it comes out on July 28 for Steam, Origin, PlayStation, and Xbox, the new pack will give teen Sims a whole new way to play.

High School Years introduces the world of Copperdale with seven new lots, such as Copperdale High, the local hangout ThrifTea, a library, and the high school principal's mansion.

The official trailer also gives hints about some pre-made characters, such as Ash, who is a fashion icon, Molly,

Who is the daughter of the principal, Kevin, who is a socially awkward romantic, and Sidney, who is a star athlete.

High School Years seems like it will hit all the important teen points. In addition to classes, lunch, and tests,

The pack will include things to do after school, such as cheerleading, sports, and chess club.

Prom and graduation festivities, pranking classmates, new interactions for hanging out with other adolescent Sims,

Sneaking out beyond curfew, and new build mode objects and Create-A-Sim material are also included.

For a dynamic teen Sims experience, players have relied on mods, the Teen Hangout Lot trait, and imagination. EA said a base game update will bring adolescent elements like body hair.

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