Niantic continue war on Pokemon GO cheaters with new anti-cheat plans

Niantic, the company that makes the mobile game Pokemon GO, has said what they will do to stop cheaters.

 This comes as players continue to complain about other players manipulating the game to their advantage.

The problems that Pokemon GO has had with cheaters show that players can try to take unfair advantage of any game.

Even though the game became very popular in 2017, it has taken cheaters a few years to really get a foothold in Niantic's game. 

In particular, "spoofing," in which players trick Niantic's GPS tracking, has become a big problem.

So, even though the game is almost entirely based on real-world location, they can "reach" places far from where they are and find new Pokemon and gyms to interact with.

But Niantic has had problems in the past with wrongly banning players who got caught in the crossfire when the developers tried to stop cheaters.

Now, in June 2022, they've put out a long update that says they're still committed to keeping Pokemon GO as cheat-free as possible and to keeping the game fair.


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