NVIDIA Ada Lovelace Top-End GPU Rumoured to Peak At 800W

Back in April, there were rumours that NVIDIA's next-generation GeForce RTX 40 series, which is powered by the Ada Lovelace (Lovelace) architecture,

would need more power to run than the current Ampere architecture. Now, a new rumour says that the highest-end GPU for desktops will have a peak TDP of 800W.

The leaker and rumour spreader kopite7kime (@kopite7kimi) was the first to post the rumours on Twitter. 

Kopite says that the AD102, which is expected to be the best and most expensive version of the Lovelace architecture,

it will be the one that needs that ridiculously high 800W of power to run at its best.

The AD102 Lovelace desktop GPU is also the subject of rumours. Kopite lists three more GPUs, the AD103, AD104, and AD106, in the same tweet.

The AD103, AD104, and AD106 will all have peak TDPs of 450W, 400W, and 260W, respectively.

 In addition, they say that the laptop versions of these GPU models will also use between 140W and 170W of power at their peak.


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