Overwatch 2 Removes "Anti-Homeless Architecture" From Map

Blizzard has modified the Overwatch 2 map Midtown in response to a fan request that highlighted the game's "anti-homeless architecture.

Due to the ongoing OW2 Beta, the Blizzard game is once again under scrutiny. 

Under this lens, users have discovered numerous faults with the game, most notably with Symmetra and Mercy, both of whom have balancing difficulties.

Nevertheless, while the majority of players were debating whether the game's numerous characters needed buffs or nerfs, one player noticed a little detail on the Midtown map.

On Twitter, a player lamented "the anti-homeless architecture of the Midtown benches," which left them feeling "very depressed.

Certain benches are constructed in such a way that sleeping on them is uncomfortable.

And one of these designs is on the map Midtown, or at least it was until Blizzard altered the benches such that they no longer include this pattern.

"This was wonderful feedback," stated a game developer, confirming the basis for the adjustment.

Furthermore, we decided early on in the map story creation that Overwatch's New York City provides free,

Safe homes for individuals. Some of this is already in the map VO, with more specifics to come later. 'How we believe the world will be' plays an important role in the development of our fiction."

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