Persona 5 Fanzine In Disarray After Lead Organizer Allegedly Embezzles $20,000

The creators of a highly anticipated fan-made Persona 5 anthology zine said last night that the person in charge of the project had admitted to using $27,600 CAD (about $21,300 USD)

of the zine's money for "personal use." At first, the money was supposed to be used to print and ship unofficial art and goods to customers.

One of the artists who worked on the fanzine said that the person in charge, who goes by the name Ree, used the stolen money to play Genshin Impact.

Showtime is an unofficial magazine with the Persona 5 characters Joker and Crow on the cover. In response to the alleged theft,

the five people still working on the project took Ree off the moderator team, which in the zine world means "management team.

But they said they can't go to court because all the money for Showtime preorders went through Ree's personal account and the team never signed a contract with her.

The mods plan to hold a fundraiser to pay for the pre-orders that haven't been sent out yet.Kotaku tried to talk to the people at Showtime,

but they wouldn't say anything. Kotaku also tried to get in touch with Ree, but had not heard back by the time the article was published.


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