PlayStation Stars is a new loyalty programme for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 owners.

Want to earn PlayStation Store merchandise or video games by playing on PS4 and PS5?

Be informed that Sony has just unveiled PlayStation Stars, a new 100 percent free loyalty programme.

Loyalty Program for PlayStation StarsSony announced a new loyalty programme called PlayStation Stars via a new blog post at the end of the week. 

This new device, which will be available later this year, is absolutely free.
After signing up, PS4 and PS5 owners will only need to complete 

"A variety of campaigns and activities" to get rewards. This includes "winning tournaments, obtaining specific trophies,

Or even being the first player in your time zone to get the platinum trophy for a flagship title."

Players will earn Loyalty Points for completing these objectives, which can be redeemed for cash for their PlayStation Network 

(PSN) wallet or PlayStation Store products. Please keep in mind that PlayStation Plus subscribers

Who are members of the PlayStation Stars reward programme will automatically receive points for their PlayStation Store purchases.

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