Prodrive Turns GC8 Impreza WRX Into Ultimate Subaru 22B Homage

The P25 is a contemporary homage being produced by Prodrive, the British company behind the 1990s WRC vehicles that inspired the Subaru 22B.

The Prodrive P25, which is based on an original GC8 Impreza WRX, has a carbon-fiber shell, a 400-hp turbocharged boxer, and other suspension, brake, and powertrain improvements.

The P25 is more expensive and rarer than an original 22B, with a $564,000 price tag and a 25-unit production run just for the UK.

Even if it is a strong force, respect also has a significant impact on the world of old cars. Few vehicles enjoy as much esteem among rallying and JDM enthusiasts as the Subaru 22B.

The 22B has spawned several tribute builds and clones and is frequently regarded as the pinnacle of the Impreza line.

However, the designers of the Subaru WRC cars that the 22B imitated are now paying tribute to it. The Prodrive P25 elevates the WRX to a whole new level, just like the original.

Many are at least casually familiar with Subaru Tecnica International, the ‘STI’ in ‘WRX STI’ and Subaru’s performance division. But there’s another name that’s worth remembering, and that’s Prodrive.


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