Qualcomm announces its latest RFFE module to bring 5G with Wi-Fi 7 to all kinds of next-gen devices

Qualcomm says that its latest radiofrequency front-end (RFFE) solution is the perfect match for a modern mobile modem because

it gives a device the new standard of "5G/Wi-Fi coexistence" as well as better performance and less battery use.

 It works with smartphones for the first time, as well as IoT devices, VR headsets, and in-car systems.

Qualcomm says that by 2021, it will be the leader in the mobile RFFE market. These are the modules that help a modem connect to other parts, such as antennas.

Its products in this area are made for PCs, wearables, XR headsets, mobile broadband CPEs, and smartphones, among other things.

Now, the OEM says that the latest versions of their products can also be used in automotive and Internet of Things (IoT) systems.

This time, the new Qualcomm RFFE modules are said to be "built from the ground up" for both Wi-Fi 7 and 6E.

It looks like devices like next-generation smartphones (or maybe even ultrabooks) can support both 5G and Wi-Fi connections at the same time.


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