DNA tests confirmed that Rocky Johnsonthe first Black Georgia Heavyweight Champion and father of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, has an additional five children.

The late Canadian WWE Hall-of-Famer fathered Lisa Purves, who took DNA tests with four strangers

SI said that the late Canadian WWE Hall-of-Famer fathered Lisa Purves, who tested herself and four strangers

Purves, Paula Parsons, Trevor Edwards, Adrian Bowles, and Aaron Fowler are The Rock's half-siblings

Purves was born in Vancouver on Oct. 26, 1968, and Edwards in Montreal on March 23, 1967

Bowles was born on April 24 and Fowler on June 17 in Nova Scotia.

Wayde Bowles married Una Sparks in 1966 and had two children, Wanda (born in December '62) and Curtis (born in May '65)

Later, he married Peter Maivia's daughter Ata and had The Rock.

18-year-old Purves initially contacted her estranged father

 She says the famous wrestler hung up on her after she told him she was his 30-year-old daughter

Purves, 53, was embarrassed that his father didn't want him.

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