Rumors of a New Nintendo Switch Console Surface

Now that the Nintendo Switch OLED Model has come out, there are rumours of a new Nintendo Switch console.

When gamers noticed that Nintendo had registered the name "NSW" as a trademark with the EUIPO, rumours started to spread (European Union Intellectual Property Office).

Many people think that an upcoming console could be called the "Nintendo Switch W," even though the name was just registered as an acronym.

There isn't any real information about the NSW/"Nintendo Switch W" trademarking, but reports say it might be for the Switch's next generation. 

The home console/portable device design of Nintendo's current flagship hybrid console, which came out on March 3, 2017, was a big step forward.

Below is a list of the things that the NSW trademarking covers. Stay tuned for more news.

An electronic game programme; an electronic game programme that can be downloaded. Video game programme; Downloadable video game programme.

Cartridge for a video game; memory card for a video game console. Case for a phone; Case for a smartphone; Software for video games, Recording;

Downloadable software for video games. Recordings of computer programmes; computer programmes that can be downloaded; computer accessories; compact discs

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