Samsung Unveils 200MP HP3 ISOCELL Image Sensor

Samsung Electronics showed off its latest ISOCELL imaging sensor, the HP3. The sensor has the same 200MP rating as its predecessor,

the HP1, but its pixels are now the world's smallest at 0.56m, which is the main difference.

In a video released in May, Samsung showed off its new HP3 200MP sensor by taking a picture of a cat and blowing it up so big that it fit on a 22-meter-high billboard.

On the other hand, the HP3 is 12 percent smaller than the HP2. The HP1 has pixels that are 0.64m in size.

Again, it has 200 million pixels in a 1/1.4-inch optical format, which is the diameter of the area that the camera lens captures. 

This means that the ISOCELL HP3 can make it possible for camera modules to have about 20% less surface area. This means that premium smartphones can stay slim.

The HP3 also has an auto-focus system called Super QPD. This system uses a single lens over four adjacent pixels to find phase differences in both

the horizontal and vertical directions. In terms of how well it works, the sensor can record videos at 8K30fps or 4K120fps. 

Putting these features together with the 200MP sensor could, in theory, let users take "movie-like" footage with a mobile device.


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